Solana Meme Coin WEN Surges 33%, Overtakes SHIB’s Trading Volume Post-Airdrop

Solana Meme Coin WEN Surges

Solana Meme Coin WEN Surges 33%, Overtakes SHIB’s Trading Volume Post-Airdrop, WEN trading volume

WEN, a meme coin on the Solana blockchain, has recently seen an amazing 33.45% increase. The surge pushed its price to $0.00014, with a market capitalization of $141.73 million. Serving as the inaugural token for the Jupiter launchpad, WEN trading volume has gained prominence. This recognition was achieved through a significant airdrop. The WEN airdrop distributed 643,652 tokens to over one million Solana wallets. The increase in Solana meme coin market cap is notable, increasing from $54.6 million to $141.73 million. This reflects dynamic market activity, and notably, WEN outperformed Shiba Inu (SHIB) in 24-hour trading volume. As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, WEN’s success is indicative. This indicates an ongoing trend of rewards and airdrops within the Solana ecosystem. To know better read this post on ‘Best Money Market Today’ thoroughly.

Solana Meme Coin WEN Surges 33%, Surpasses Shiba in Volume:

The recent WEN price increase of $0.00014 is significant, with an increase of 33.45%. This performance solidifies Solana’s position as one of the fastest-growing meme coins. Appearing as the first token on the Jupiter launchpad, the WEN meme coin market cap increased to $141.73 million. In addition, 24-hour WEN trading volume surpassed Shiba Inu (SHIB), which stood at $115.08 million. This contrasts with SHIB’s 24-hour trading volume, which was $88.60 million. This outstanding performance underscores WEN’s appeal and market dominance within the Solana ecosystem. This contributes to a broad wave of excitement in the meme coin sector.

WEN Airdrop: Claim Before Burn on January 29th:

The WEN airdrop, an important aspect of its success, involved the distribution of 643,652 tokens. These WEN tokens were distributed to more than one million Solana wallets. Currently, 57.60% of WEN tokens, totaling 403.25 billion, have been claimed. Meanwhile, the remaining 42.40%, worth $41.14 million, is yet to be claimed. The WEN team plans to burn unclaimed tokens by January 29. This strategic move aims to make unclaimed tokens accessible. This strategic move aims to encourage timely claims for WEN. At the same time, it is able to increase the demand for cryptocurrency. The Solana Meme Coin WEN reflects the project’s commitment to maintaining an active and engaged community.

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Jupiter DeFi Exchange Launches Native Token JUP After WEN Success:

Building on the success of WEN crypto, Solana, a decentralized exchange on Jupiter, has significant plans. Specifically, Jupiter is set to launch its native token, JUP, on January 31. Following the trend of rewards and airdrops within the Solana ecosystem, Jupiter has an upcoming initiative. Specifically, the Jupiter token launch (JUP) will be distributed to numerous wallets as an airdrop. This airdrop is a reward for engaging with Jupiter Exchange. The introduction of JUP emphasizes another important point. In particular, it highlights the successful crypto meme coin WEN. Additionally, it underscores the connection to the wider Solana Defy landscape. This contributes to the growing excitement and interest in the decentralized finance sector on the Solana blockchain.

Solana Meme Coin WEN Surges
Source:beamstart,Solana Meme Coin WEN Surges 33%, Overtakes SHIB’s Trading Volume Post-Airdrop

Meme Coin Mania on Solana: Will WEN Burn Boost Price?

With 322,716 WEN holders, a significant portion have refrained from selling. This is due to their anticipation of a potential appreciation in WEN’s value. This sentiment is linked to a significant event on the horizon. Specifically, it is connected to the upcoming WEN token burn scheduled for January 29. This strategic move could potentially reduce token supply. The possibility of reduced supply and increased demand as a result of the burn has fueled speculation. In particular, there is speculation about a possible price increase for Solana Meme Coin WEN. As the Solana-based meme coin continues to outperform, the crypto market is keenly watching. The focus is on whether the token burn will actually act as a catalyst for a significant increase in the WEN crypto price. This adds an extra layer of excitement to Solana’s meme coin mania.

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WEN Token Airdrop and Price Analysis:

The WEN token airdrop, a significant event in its trajectory, took place. It saw 57.60% of total tokens claimed by holders. This percentage is equivalent to 403.25 billion. However, a significant 42.40%, worth $41.14 million, went unclaimed. Noteworthy is the January 29 open deadline for token claims. This added a sense of urgency among WEN holders. Additionally, the WEN team plans to burn unclaimed tokens. This strategic move has a clear purpose: to maintain token scarcity. At the same time, it aims to potentially increase demand for WEN. This strategy aligns with the broader market trend of projects encouraging user engagement through airdrops and token rewards.


Solana Meme Coin WEN surges 33.45%, a significant development. With this surge, the subsequent market value increased to $141.73 million. Together, these factors underscore the prominence of WEN in the Solana meme coin ecosystem. Successful airdrops are a key factor contributing to overall excitement. In addition, the strategic WEN token burn on January 29th plan played an important role. Additionally, the upcoming launch of Jupiter’s native token, JUP, adds momentum to the Solana blockchain. The comparison with Shiba Inu’s trading volume is striking. In addition, there is speculation about a possible price increase. Moreover, the commitment to burn unclaimed tokens reflects the complex dynamics shaping WEN’s trajectory. The Solana meme coin landscape continues to evolve; it’s worth noting. WEN’s performance, in this context, serves as a testament. This serves as evidence of the growing interest and innovation within the decentralized financial sector in the Solana blockchain.