Founder of SkyBridge Capital Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $170,000 After 2024 Halving Event

Bitcoin Will Hit $170,000 After 2024 Halving Event

Founder of SkyBridge Capital Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $170,000 After 2024 Halving Event, Bitcoin 4x price surge after halving

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital, predicts a significant increase in the value of Bitcoin. He expects this increase to happen after the upcoming Bitcoin 2024 halving event. Scaramucci gave a $170,000 Bitcoin price target per coin during this period. Scaramucci emphasizes the cyclical nature of bitcoin halving 2024 events, which occur every four years. This observation is based on historical trends. Additionally, these halving events have historically triggered significant price rallies. His predictions are underpinned by a certain pattern. Bitcoin 4x price surge after halving in 18 months in this pattern. In this comprehensive analysis, we take an in-depth look at Scaramucci’s assumptions. We aim to closely examine the potential trajectory of Bitcoin. Additionally, we explore its comparison with gold as a store of value.

Will Bitcoin hit $170,000 after the 2024 halving?

Anthony Scaramucci is confident that Bitcoin will surpass $170,000 after the 2024 halving event. Drawing on historical halving cycles, Scaramucci highlights a consistent pattern. He mentioned that the Bitcoin 4x price surged after halving. He considers his $170,000 projection to be conservative. Scaramucci provides scenarios where Bitcoin price prediction can reach $200,000. Additionally, he considers the more ambitious possibility of $240,000, depending on his pre-halving price. This Bitcoin price prediction is based on two main factors. First, they are based on Bitcoin’s track record. Second, they consider Bitcoin’s historical halving performance.

Bitcoin 2024 Halving Event: Will History Repeat with a 4x Price Surge?

Bitcoin Will Hit $170,000 After 2024 Halving Event News,Founder of SkyBridge Capital Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $170,000 After 2024 Halving Event

Scaramucci’s anticipation of Bitcoin hitting $170,000 post-2024 halving is rooted in historical patterns. The previous halves of Bitcoin have a distinct pattern. These events happen every four years. Importantly, they consistently lead to a quadrupling of value within 18 months. Scaramucci considers his projection conservative. He uses a base price of $35,000 when halving. The bitcoin price prediction could potentially be $200,000 or $240,000, depending on the initial value. This cyclical nature of the Bitcoin 2024 halving event provides the basis for optimistic forecasts. It also highlights their impact on the Bitcoin price, suggesting significant growth in the value of the cryptocurrency. It also highlights their impact on the price of Bitcoin. This suggests a significant increase in the value of the cryptocurrency.

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Can Bitcoin Become Digital Gold?

Anthony Scaramucci envisions Bitcoin not just as a digital asset but as a store of value comparable to digital gold. He predicts that Bitcoin will capture half of gold’s market capitalization. Currently, it stands at $13.6 trillion. This impact suggests a possible value of at least $323,000 per coin. Scaramucci sees bitcoin’s long-term appeal. He drew parallels with gold, emphasizing its status as a store of value. Additionally, he highlighted its growth potential, comparing it to the trajectory of Amazon stock. The comparison to gold as a store of value reinforces the concept of Bitcoin as “digital gold.” Scaramucci’s bold prediction is based on the transformative potential he sees in the evolution of Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin as digital gold future value

Scaramucci’s long-term vision positions Bitcoin as digital gold. This suggests a potential value of at least $323,000 per coin. This value is equal to half of the market capitalization of gold. This perspective reflects his confidence in the role of Bitcoin. He sees it as a superior store of value. Additionally, he draws parallels to traditional precious metals. The comparison with Amazon stocks underscores Scaramucci’s belief in Bitcoin’s growth potential. At the same time, it highlights his confidence in his transformative powers. As Bitcoin evolved into the crypto landscape, industry leaders like Scaramucci recognized its transformative potential. This recognition helps dispel earlier skepticism surrounding cryptocurrencies. This forecast reflects a bullish sentiment regarding the future value of Bitcoin. It emphasizes its role as both a digital asset and a store of value.

Why did Larry Fink change his mind about Bitcoin?

Anthony Scaramucci acknowledges Larry Fink’s initial skepticism towards Bitcoin. This recognition is based on the details released about their encounter in 2021. Fink’s evolving vision led BlackRock to become involved in bitcoin-related investments. Scaramucci appreciates Fink’s willingness to reevaluate his position on cryptocurrency. Fink’s shift in perspective from initially dismissing Bitcoin emphasizes the intelligence required for such a change. This transformation is evident in his subsequent active engagement in Bitcoin investment. Scaramucci credits Fink for his open-mindedness on the Bitcoin bull market. He emphasized the transformative potential of Bitcoin in the process. This change of perspective comes from a major financial figure like Fink. This contributes to the greater acceptance and recognition of Bitcoin as a legitimate and valuable asset.

What are other predictions for Bitcoin’s price in 2024?

Beyond Anthony Scaramucci’s forecast of Bitcoin reaching $170,000 post-2024 halving, other notable predictions abound. Blockstream CEO Adam Back expects Bitcoin to cross the $100,000 threshold. He envisions this happening before the next Bitcoin 2024 halving event. Analysts at Standard Chartered Bank also predict a $100,000+ price tag for Bitcoin. They predict this will happen before the end of 2024. This projection is fueled by the approval and upcoming halving of US-based spot BTC ETFs. These various bitcoin predictions come from industry figures and financial institutions. They contribute to the overall optimism surrounding Bitcoin’s potential price increase in 2024. The convergence of bullish forecasts indicates a collective belief in the cryptocurrency’s upward trajectory. This underlines the significant expectations for Bitcoin’s performance in the coming years.


Anthony Scaramucci’s optimistic projection of Bitcoin’s post-2024 halving to $170,000 is based on historical trends. In particular, the event is based on the cyclical nature of Bitcoin price increases after halving. The conservative nature of his estimate is based on a $35,000 pre-halving price. This allows for a more bullish scenario with a possible value of Bitcoin price prediction of $200,000 or $240,000. Beyond the short-term forecast, Scaramucci envisions Bitcoin becoming digital gold. The shift in perspective is exemplified by Larry Fink’s shift toward embracing Bitcoin. This shift highlights the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies within traditional financial circles. Other industry forecasts contribute to the overall optimism surrounding Bitcoin’s potential price growth in 2024.

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